last updated: July 8, 2006

A message from Em Teedee:

Master Lowbacca wishes me to convey his greetings; welcome to his humble site on the Holonet. Well, I never! - Pardon me, what Master Lowbacca desires me to say, you do realize that my phrasing was much more elegant...I fear I shall never understand Wookies. Alright, one moment Master Lowbacca! He says: "Yo! What's up? Glad you sign my fanlisting and read more about me, Lowbacca!" Wookies, whatever shall the universe do with them?

Welcome to Rawr!, the first (well, too my knowledge) fansite for the Star Wars character, Lowbacca. It's also the home of the official fanlisting. After all, it's about time someone pays this rocking Wookie the homage he deserves. How many computer nerd Jedi Knights do you know? ;) Well, hope you enjoy the site - look foward to updates with fun stuff, coming soon!

If you have any Lowbacca related fanfiction, fanart, or anything else, feel free to email me, with the subject line LOWIE SITE (or some variation there of) in the subject.

Till then: ENJOY! :D

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