The Friends
Jaina Solo is the daughter of Han and Leia Solo. A hot shot pilot and Jedi Knight, she and Lowie were the pilot and co-pilot (sound familiar?) of Tenel Ka's ship, the Rock Dragon, during their times on Yavin 4. After their initial training, she apprenticed to her Aunt Mara until and during the initial parts of the war with the Yuuzhan Vong. To make a long story short, she joined Rogue Squadron, then left. She turned to the dark side after her brother Anakin's death and Jacen's kidnapping, then came back. She apprenticed under Kyp Durron, and took over command of her Uncle Luke's Twin Suns Squadron. She also poised as the Yuuzhan Vong trickster goddess, helping to win substantial victories for the GFFA.

Jacen Solo is the eldest son of Han and Leia Solo, and Jaina's twin brother (younger by about five minutes). Unlike his sister, Jacen is much more interested in nature and philosphical debates, especially on what a Jedi's role should be. He is definately the more empathetic of the two, yet, Jacen can kick ass when needed. His journey during the war was possibly much more complex than any other character. He was captured at one point by the Yuuzhan Vong (during the mission to Myrkr) and learned much from Vergere, his captor. He was eventually freed, and rejoined the Jedi to help rescue his sister. Jacen and his knowledge of the Yuuzhan Vong played a crucial role in bringing about the end of the war. He is definately the hero boy he's made out to be.

Zekk, an orphan from the troubled planet Ennth, eventually found his way to Coruscant after stowing aboard the Lightning Rod. He eventually befriended the Solo twins, however, always considered himself somewhat inferior to them. The Shadow Academy picked up on his Force potential, and trained him to be their Darkest Knight. At the climax of the battle with Luke's Academy, Jaina was able to turn him back from the darkside. He then became a bounty hunter for a while, before deciding on training to be a real Jedi Knight. Zekk participated in the mission to Myrkr, but left to help the war effort in other ways shortly after; afraid for his best friend falling to the dark side.
Tenel Ka is the daughter of Hapan prince Isolder and the Dathomarian witch Teneniel Djo. Often shunning her Hapan heritage, Tenel Ka came to the Jedi Academy on the guise of a Dathomarian woman. Her friends eventually learned of her identity, and although accepting reluctantly, Tenel Ka is now the Queen Mother of the Hapes Cluster. Tenel Ka played an important role in the Jedi Strike Team Myrkr mission, and subsequent events on Hapes after. It was also at this time that she finally realized her love for Jacen Solo.