The Wookie of the Hour

Lowbacca, or Lowie to most of his friends, is a young Wookie from (surprise, surprise) the planet Kashyyyk. He's the nephew of the famous Chewbacca, and, once again lacking much surprise, friends with the Solo-Skywalker clan, especially twins Jaina (hot shot pilot) and Jacen (over-analyzing Jedi). But Lowbacca has had no problem stepping out of his famous uncle's shadow and creating a legacy of his own. He's a kriffing genius with computers, an excellent pilot, and oh yeah: Jedi Knight.

Lowbacca trained at Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy on Yavin 4 alongside the Solo twins and friends Tenel Ka (Hapan princess), Zekk (reformed Dark Jedi), and Raynar Thul (former spoiled brat). On his first day, he was presented with two gifts from his proud uncle: a T-16 skyhopper (whatever happened to that?) and Em Teedee, a miniature translating droid (in other words, Mini-Threepio), which allowed him to communicate with the other students at the praxeum. Of course, crazy adventure ensued, leading Lowie and his friends to go up against groups such as the Shadow Academy, Diversity Alliance, and Black Sun. Never a dull moment for these Jedi students.

After Chewbacca died on Sernipidal, Lowie and his cousin Waroo agreed to take over Chewie's lifedebt to Han. Han, however, refused - wanting to get over Chewie's death completely before accepting any new Wookie companion. So where did that leave our hero Wookie? Right back at where he started...spending too much time with the Solo kids. During the war with the Yuuzhan Vong, he was a part of the disasterous (yet successful) Jedi Strike Team mission to Myrkr, where Anakin Solo (former baby of the family) led the team to destroy the voxyn queen. Many died that die, Lowbacca did not (although poor Em-teedee was lost, and never heard from again). He returned to Hapes with most of the survivors, where he helped Jaina work on their captured Yuuzhan Vong ship (the Trickster), which helped lead to substantial defeats during clashes with the Vong.

Oh, he also decided to join Jaina's Twin Suns Squadron (call sign Twin Suns Five, nicknamed Streak), until he was wounded at the Battle of Ebaq by Yuuzhan Vong Warmaster Tsavong Lah, when confronting him in the mines. But this Wookie's luck didn't run out: Jaina defeated the warmaster, and Lowbacca recovered from his wound. In the final parts of the battle, Lowie was one of many Jedi bonded to seed-partners and provided with Sekotan ships. After the war was over, and the Vong surrendered at Coruscant, Lowie rejoined Waroo to honor Chewbaca's lifedebt to Han Solo.

Hopefully, this isn't the last we see of our Wookie friend. With new novels coming out in August, maybe we'll get further adventures involving the awesome Jedi Wookie.